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Meridix Studio 3.x Requirements



2 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
8 GB Ram memory
200 GB Hard drive (depends on the amount of data that should be stored i.e retention policy).
LAN network connection

Windows Server 2012 or later
IIS installed
Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.2 & ASP.NET
MS SQL Server 2014** – Collation: Case-insensitive, Accent-sensitive


2.0+ GHz 64-bit (x64) processor – Quad processors is recommended with SQL Server Enterprise. Ed.
16-32 GB Ram memory.
500 GB Hard drive (depends on the amount of data that should be stored).
LAN/WAN network connection

Windows Server 2014 – Standard Edition or later

  • Could possibly run on systems without the specified requirements but Meridix Systems does not officially support these
  •  ** On installations on existing servers it's possible to circumvent the databases always needs to be set as CI-AS collate.
  •  *** These specifications are based on an average system but with bigger systems with a large number of users even better
    hardware is recommended. But this is Meridix Systems responsibility to point out before installation.


Meridix Studio uses a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database server as its backend data source. On smaller installations
the free Express Editions that supports up to 10 GB of data is an option.

Before installation this information is needed.

  • Server IP address                              ______________________________________
  • Server username                               ______________________________________
  • Server password                                ______________________________________
  • SMTP Server                                     ______________________________________
  • SMTP Port                                         ______________________________________
  • Database username*                         ______________________________________
  • Database password*                         ______________________________________
  • Database Collation – CI-AS*
  • Database login rights *Full access to the Meridix Databases
  • Technical contact
    Name                                                 _____________________________________
    Phone                                                _____________________________________
    Email                                                 _____________________________________

*When installing the databases on an existing database server/cluster

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