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Road map

The features mentioned under the road map section is not guaranteed to be included. This is what we currently plan to include in the upcoming releases. View the changelog section for features that are already included or are guaranteed to be included.

Meridix Studio vNext - (planned release: Not set)

  • Specify criterias for saved report distribution (e.g. only send if value X id greater then Y etc). Both through a web UI and through a DSL script language (Python or Ruby).
  • DSL support - Use Python or Ruby script hooks to modify the available Basic reports, Predefined charts etc.
  • Dashboard application (separate system)
  • Finnish language support (work in progress).

Meridix Studio 3.7.2 - Service Pack 2 - (planned release: December 2013)

  • User initialization mail - Send a mail to users with a link where they can define a password, once used the link will be consumed and cannot be used again.
  • Password reset option (forgot password support even when passwords is one way hashed).
  • Internet Explorer 11 support
  • Queue times in call specifications support
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for additional hash algorithms for API request signing (MD5, SHA256, SHA512).
  • Better branding/templating support for outgoing email body content.
  • Better support for plugins (modules, reports, export formats). Support for automatic loading of plugins in load balanced scenario from a central location.
  • Support for OData queries for list API methods
  • Support for CORS (Cross orgin request sharing) i.e. access API methods in JavaScript from non origin domains.
  • Internal optimizations for very large reports.


The features mentioned under the changelog section are included in the release they reside under.

Meridix Studio 3.7.1 - Service Pack 1

  • Better system log list with filter/sorting/batch edit support
  • Change the used timezone for a specific existing saved report. (used to translate the schedules to correct UTC time)
  • Additional language: Danish translation for the end-user sections of the system.
  • Report web API update - more information available.
  • Minor bug fixes

Meridix Studio 3.7.0

  • All report exports that are sent from the system is saved and archived. Archived report export files (ex: XLSX or CSV) can be downloaded from the web UI by the users either as a single file or multiple in a ZIP file.

  • Support for multiple Studio Service instances/agents to process a queue. I.e. for larger systems multiple services can share the work of executing and distribute reports from the queue.
    • New optimized internal queue mechanism to synchronize access to the queue between the agents.
  • Each scheduled report execution step is logged with an identifier that enables detailed logging/tracing of how a scheduled report has been handled.
  • Optimized report storage mechanism during a web UI session to minimize the load time for report rendering in the UI.
  • Call specifications are either complete or disabled depending on the defined maximum number of logs. In previous releases the call specification was created with the max number even if the report contained more.
  • Optimizations of the client script loading, several scripts get combined and minified together to decrease page load times.
  • More aggressive caching of UI resources (images etc).
  • New web UI filter functionality to allow user to find and check report targets faster and easier in larger catalogs.
  • Better naming scheme for manual exports - Include the report type and report period in the filename as well as the saved report name when a saved report is loaded in the Web-UI.
  • Localizable theme resources through the Theme.ashx handler.
  • Auto update report support for advanced report (basic reports already had this feature since an earlier release).
  • Translation overrides - Support for custom (non-binary-compiled) translation packages that lets customers override UI translations by uploading a custom csv file as a system package.
  • Better user interface support for touch devices (e.g. Windows 8 touch, iOS, Android etc)
  • Customer settings overrides (ex: a customer within an installation can have settings that override the system wide settings for example an specific SMTP server for all outgoing mail)
  • Major chart performance optimizations
  • Feature sets - Create sets that defines access to different features (ex: Basic/Advanced etc.) the sets can then be granted to customers to control what a customer has access to do.
    • A couple of the available features that can be controlled is access to basic reports, advanced reports, call specifications, staffing and whether users can view units and manage users etc.
  • Execute reports through the web api (HTTP) - See Report API - Version 1.0
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